Nigel Lawson

🔥Nigel Lawson currently lives in France and was Chancellor of the Exchequer under Margaret Thatcher. He is now a member of the Lords and is also a high-profile climate change denier; a proponent of neo-liberal economics and a long-standing supporter of Brexit who once called the EU “something of a bureaucratic monstrosity with a contempt for democracy“.

Described by Will Hutton as “an insidious, if wizened, scorpion, as indiscriminately dangerous to his own side as to his ideological opponents”, Lawson can be regarded as a grandfather figure to the Bad Boys of Brexit. He was doing fake news when most people still just called it lying.

Lawson has argued that Brexit “gives us a chance to finish the Thatcher revolution” by scrapping much of the “vast corpus” of EU regulation, not least regulation governing banking and the financial sector. Others have pointed out that Lawson’s deregulation of UK banking in the 1980s helped pave the way for the abuses that led to the financial crisis of 2007. He has recently railed against the civil service for “frustrating” the Brexit process.

Lawson’s book An Appeal to Reason: A Cool Look at Global Warming has been scientifically refuted and was described in the journal Nature by Sir John Houghton – Honorary Scientist at the Met and co-chairman of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change – as “neither cool nor rational”. Climate scientists have called Lawson’s rhetoric on climate change ignorant and dangerous and in August 2017 the BBC was forced to apologise after they interviewed him and left unchallenged his false claim that global temperatures are falling rather than rising.

Lawson remains one of the few high-profile voices insisting that dropping out of the EU with no deal would “not be a bad thing“, has been critical of Theresa May for not keeping her nerve and has called for a leading member of the Cabinet to be sacked for what he sees as their “Brexit sabotage“.

Photo Credit: Flickr