ParentsKit Application Overview

One of the serious problems of our time is the long-term use of smartphones by children, because uncontrolled and excessive exposure to the phone screen can cause many health issues. First of all, it can cause physiological problems, such as decreased vision, curvature of the spine, and, consequently, deterioration of the internal organs. It can also cause social problems. Children, especially teenagers, tend to easily lose touch with reality and replace it with virtual worlds.

To avoid these problems and help children, parents tend to limit the time they use their smartphones and stay on the Internet, while not forbidding anything. Today, there are already many applications for providing such parental control, and each of them copes with its task to the best of its ability. Below you can see a description of one of these programs called ParentsKit.

What is ParentsKit

ParentsKit is an application for Android smartphones and tablets. It serves one single purpose, which is to allow individual mobile device users to control the activity of several other users. By the name of the program, it is easy to guess who is supposed to control whom. In simple terms, the application allows parents to track how much time their children use their smartphones to surf the Internet.

Besides, ParentsKit provides users with more than just dull figures. The developers did their best to make all the information look as clear as possible. That is why the application compiles graphs and charts that contain both up-to-date data and general dynamics for all time.

Downloading and Using the Application

Since Google’s app store does not have many of the most interesting applications, the best solution here is to go straight to the best APK site to search for the programs you are interested in. Even experienced smartphone users will be surprised by the variety of programs it offers. Moreover, in addition to such useful applications as ParentsKit, there are also rather strange ones. For example, one such program is Necrophonic, which was created with the sole purpose of playing various strange and mystical sounds.


The first thing you should do after downloading ParentsKit is open the application and sign up by entering your mobile phone number and confirming it. When you are done, you will get access to your personal account, where you can customize the program to your liking and start tracking the activity of your children. However, keep in mind that the application is paid. This means that after you sign up and familiarize yourself with the interface of the program, you will have to pay a fee to purchase a monthly subscription and use ParentsKit freely.

Activity Control

To start using the application, one of the parents must enter each phone number they plan to track in their personal account. Of course, smartphone users who are going to be monitored must, in turn, confirm their consent to this.

The next steps are simple:

  1. ParentsKit users will receive notifications as soon as their children go online. This, for example, can help parents to make sure that their children do not use their smartphones during school hours.
  2. After ParentsKit captures the activity, the application tracks its duration and at the end of it can tell you exactly how much time the user has spent on the Internet.
  3. The application provides parents with a variety of graphs to track statistics including daily, weekly, monthly, and more to help them get the overall view.

As a result, this monitoring tool will allow parents to easily track when and how long their children have been online.

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