Bad Boys of Brexit

Farage, Banks and Bannon. They are some of the well-known Bad Boys of Brexit. But there are many more. The Bad Boys of Brexit are an unholy alliance. They are global Money Men💰, small-state Regulation Burners🔥 and people with highly questionable Russian Connections 🇷🇺, some of whom have undermined the very foundations of democracy.

These are the men (for they are predominantly men) who bankrolled and facilitated Brexit – and, in some cases, stood to make very large personal profits from it. They include some of the very wealthiest members of a global elite.

The Bad Boys of Brexit alliance came together before and during the referendum campaign. It attracted far-right ideologues, climate change deniers, tax-dodging foreign billionaires, specialists in voter manipulation, a convicted fraudster and a political operative described by David Cameron as “a career psychopath”.

Here we have compiled a list of these Bad Boys.

The purpose of “Bad Boys Of Brexit” is to challenge the myth that the EU referendum was the greatest example of democracy in our history. A democratic experience means well-informed citizens deliberating with each other between genuine and attainable futures. This is far from what we witnessed.

Our intention here is to expose those who worked both behind the scenes and in front of the cameras to build the campaigns, who funded them, and to ask: who was really taking back power from whom?

This site describes not a conspiracy theory but a conspiracy fact. We unpick, using widely available and credible sources, the stories of the people who funded and ran the dishonest and opaque campaigns that persuaded a majority of UK citizens to make a decision damaging to their future.

Much of what happened remains shrouded in secrecy and considerable efforts have been made to hide the ugly truth. I think you will find what you read here frightening. I know I do. But please don’t turn away, because our democracy itself is at stake. Please share this information.

Please also use this information to reinforce the growing understanding that Brexit can, and must, be stopped.

Molly Scott Cato MEP.

Click here for the list of Bad Boys of Brexit.