How to earn bitcoins from games?

For users who cannot engage in mining due to low PC specs, there is an alternative and quite an exciting option for earning. We are discussing particular games where you can earn the most real bitcoins. In this article, we will discover what they are and if you can profit from them.

If you decide to start playing bitcoin games, you may want to remain completely anonymous. The bitcoin environment is not confidential enough because to keep your identity a secret, you need to use unique mixers which mix cryptocurrency and anonymize you. Take a closer look at this bitcoin blender. We are sure you will like it as it works as stable as possible and has meager fees.

“What is bitcoin blender?” – if you have such a question, you can check out the FAQ on this site. There you will find all the necessary information concerning this service. To attract users and advertisers to their sites, developers try to make staying on it more interesting. They run simple but fun bitcoin games by completing tasks or levels where you can earn rewards in the form of cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin-earning games attract all kinds of people. There is no way to classify them and divide them into groups – young people and the elderly are into these things. Almost all of these games are browser-based. This may scare you off, as it may feel unserious, but it is a reasonably sober approach. Statistics show that many people prefer to play these games online rather than download them to their PCs.


Examples of bitcoin games

Here are examples of pretty good bitcoin games that you can make money on.


This is a simple Japanese game with graphics stylized like the gaming consoles of the 80s. In this game, you control a flying monkey that collects bananas. You can only influence her jump’s height and her movement’s speed. Collected bananas can be exchanged for special devices to simplify the gameplay and improve the skills of the monkey. The game is obtainable on iOS and Android.

Bitcoin game is an excellent opportunity to get your first cryptocurrency and get some experience with it (e.g., creating a purse, converting it into fiat currency on the exchange, etc.), which in the future may be helpful in full-fledged work on the sale or in mining.


BitJoy gaming platform offers several fascinating mobile and desktop games you can play in your free time and earn some cryptocurrency in parallel. Among the games featured are Bitcoin Pixel Runner and Bitcoin Frogg. They offer users small rewards for completed actions, and made coins, reaching a certain threshold, can then be withdrawn to a cryptocurrency wallet.

Satoshi Quiz

Do you like quizzes? If yes, then you will like Satoshi Quiz. In this quiz, you can win BTC if you answer various questions correctly. To win, you need to create an account or log in and become one of the first three users to give the correct answer. Prizes vary round to round, and users can choose a daily, weekly, or monthly reward.

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