Peter Hargreaves

Peter Hargreaves

💰🔥Hargreaves donated £3.2 million from his personal money to the Leave.EU campaign. The finance industry billionaire raised eyebrows during the referendum campaign by claiming that [Brexit-related] “insecurity is fantastic”, saying “it will be like Dunkirk again”. He also compared the future of Britain outside the EU to that of low-tax and low-regulation Singapore, saying: “It was a mosquito-infested swamp with no natural resources…All they had were people with brains and hands and they turned it into the greatest economy in the world. I believe that will happen to us, too.”

Hargreaves co-founded the investment company Hargreaves Lansdown and is worth around £2 billion after floating it on the stock exchange. He has since retired from the company, which controls, according to Forbes, $70 billion in assets under management. He still owns a 30% stake in Hargreaves Lansdown and recently invested £25m into a new investment entity called CF Blue Whale Growth, looking to invest mainly in US markets.

Like many other ultra-rich Brexiters, Hargreaves is keen to cut back public services as he sees these as too expensive: “The public sector has got to be cut” he has insisted. “The country’s overheads are simply too big.”

In September 2017 Hargreaves expressed some misgivings over the nature of the Leave campaign, admitting that it may have told “porky pies” and was possibly a “little bit racist”.

“Porky pies” and “a little bit” of racism are evidently a price worth paying for some of the ultra-rich pushing for Brexit.

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