Dominic Cummings


🔥 Cummings was the Director of Campaigns for the Vote Leave campaign who told the House of Commons’ Treasury Select Committee that “accuracy is for snake-oil pussies” when asked about Vote Leave’s figures. One such “inaccuracy” would be the infamous ‘£350m to the NHS’ side-of-a-bus slogan, credited to Cummings.

Another would be Cummings’ claim that scrapping EU regulations would save “£33.3 billion a year”. Under questioning by the Select Committee, he was forced to admit that this figure had no firm basis in fact.

Since the referendum, Cummings has been none too satisfied with the progress of Brexit and is reported to have described Brexit Secretary David Davis as “thick as mince, lazy as a toad and vain as Narcissus“.

He has even publicly expressed doubts about Brexit itself, saying that “schoolchildren will shake their heads in disbelief that such characters could have had leading roles in government”, and that there will be an “inevitable inquiry” into why Brexit occurred. He does not, however, seem to have any misgivings about his own role in the disaster.

Cummings has a long history of colourful insults. David Cameron once called him “a career psychopath” after Cummings had described Cameron as “bumbling”, the former No. 10 chief of staff, Ed Llewellyn, as “a sycophant presiding over a shambolic court”, and the director of communications, Craig Oliver, as “clueless”.

Earlier in his career, Cummings worked as a special adviser to Michael Gove when Gove was Education Secretary. He was widely disliked within the Department of Education, where he was seen as creating an “us-and-them, aggressive, intimidating culture”. According to a profile on Conservative Home in 2014, Cummings rose to prominence for mounting a vicious assault on Nick Clegg, whom he accused of being “self-obsessed”, “dishonest” and “a revolting character”.

For his part, Clegg has said that Cummings obviously had “serious anger-management issues”. As he observed: “You get this in politics from time to time. You get people who are not elected to any office, backroom people who start developing slight delusions of grandeur.”

In this case, many might feel: “I agree with Nick.”

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